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With over 40 years experience in real estate Sydney Property CEO has witnessed dramatic changes in the industry.  Ownership styles, buying and selling property, rental returns and property management have seen dramatic changes. At the time the Beatles and Rolling Stones hit the market buyers paid off their mortgages on average in less than a decade, real estate agents kept their accounting records using a double entry manual system. Twenty years later ther first personal computer appeared but it would be another fifteen years before the internet. How times have changed, your Apple watch can get you to your next Open House or send an image instantly to anyone.  So to buying and selling property in Sydney. The internet plays a prime role and the Domain and Real Estate corporations lead the industry and provide excellent value for money. Sydney Property offers a low cost/no cost alternative for buyers and sellers with the simple advantage of the generic domain . You are encouraged to take advantage of what this web page has to offer.



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